School Website

every school has unique need however, there are essential features of school websites which are focused on the average visitor to make their experience the best it can be.

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Admissions Focus

The most important focus for the home page of school websites is the attraction of new students and families. We make your website focus on speaking to the hopes and fears of prospective families. Chances are that the choice to attend your school is a significant decision for families and you need to speak directly to their decision making process.

We consider addressing what to expect for your student, what to expect as a parent, common questions, strengths and featured programs, and above all, we make it feel like your website experience will hold their hand through all of the many questions they may have.

Current Parent Focus

Satisfying the needs of current parents with information, opportunities for connection, tools, and resources can be a full-time job for any school. We integrate facilities that can get current families to the most important information in the fewest clicks. This helps to speak directly to the audience and provide prioritized lists of the most frequently requested information along with the most time-relevant information like news and calendars.

We create online learning platforms, mobile apps, email newsletters, and make sure all of these tools are connected with appropriate links to reduce parent confusion.

News and Blogging Facility

News and blogging facility is usually included in our school website package because it serves multiple purposes for a school—from sharing inspirational success stories to keeping current families informed of important matters.


The life of a school is often found in its calendar. Weekly, monthly, and special events engage students and families to define the flow and spirit of a school. An organized calendar on your school website will help ensure that families have the information they need to participate in these events. Don’t make people search old emails or call the school for vital information. Publish it in an intuitive calendar format to make promoting these events as easy as possible.

Location & Contact Details

Whether families are visiting to make inquiry about admission or trying to call to report an absence, We make sure you provide a centralized location for contact and location details.Common links like a Google Map to make navigation easier.


We Make your forms as easy as possible and choose tools appropriately to make the creation and management of forms as easy as possible. We love the ability to integrate payments and even route notifications. And best of all, all the data gets stored in your website database to prevent loss of data.

Student Information System

A Student Information System (SIS) is the lifeblood of any school looking to manage data well. Most stake holders are acutely aware of the need to integrate (SIS) into the school website, they just don’t all give the same development attention to these features.

The goal of SIS integration is the seamless navigation of public information and the easy login to access private information such as grades and schedules. We make sure the platform offers tuition payment options and captures prospective student data in a way that doesn’t create bottlenecks in your staff organization or lock away important information that only a webmaster has access to.