Publishing and Online e-book Distribution

Online eBook Sales and Publishing
Soft Prints and Media provides electronic content distribution and empowerment solutions to individuals and organizations with our e-book distribution services, we move traditional media such as books, magazines, journals and scholarly materials like Thesis, school projects and research materials into online distribution for formal education, non-formal education and general reading purposes.

Our e-book distribution services fill the yawning gaps of stranded contents, content access limitations and content rejection by giving writers opportunity to generate revenue with our 70% royalty rate and reduced cost of production while reaching millions of buyers worldwide who can access, purchase and download their books with the aid of digital and electronic devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

The e-book distribution platform allow writers and organizations to submit their books or contents along with the pricing details online and once the book is published appropriate e-book security facilities are provided to prevent unauthorized sharing. Click here to submit a manuscript