A blog is basically a web log that a blogger makes use of for chronological listing of blog posts. A blog has the most recent content shown first followed by the previously updated content.A blog thrives on new contents and the more regularly it is updated, the more attention it will get.

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Below are some of the features and capabilities of our blogging sites:

Post Creation. Since the purpose of a blog is to be able to post new text or information to the site frequently, creating posts is usually quick and easy.

Pictures and Multimedia Upload or Embedding . We create blogging facility that allows you to upload pictures,video and audio/mp3/podcasts to your posts easily.

Posts Display & Commenting . Our blogging sites makes it easy for readers to view your posts and to add their comments.Commenting capabilities on your blog also bolster community building by allowing your readers to discuss the subject of a post not only with the blogger, but also with other readers. It empowers readers by making the reading experience engaging and interactive.

Moderate. you may want to edit a post, delete a post or remove some of comments left by readers so we make sure that your blog contains facilities that make moderating easy and fast

Blog Post Archive. Having a post archive — a web page or section in your blog that lists previous blog posts, customarily sorted in a logical fashion such as by date or by category . this is an excellent way to draw in more page views and improves the ability of readers to discover content on your site.Typically, when site visitors first land on a blog’s homepage, they’re greeted with the latest blog posts sorted from newest on top to oldest at the bottom.

Comment Spam Protection.Without any precautions against comment spam, your comment system quickly decays from something useful to nothing more than additional page weight. Spam comments drown out legitimate comments and leave readers little incentive to read the comments on a post, much less to participate so we make sure that your blogging platform has spam protection, not only for your sake, but also for the sake of your community.

Search Feature.Having a search feature on all pages of your blog is a critical feature for a proper user experience.

Social Media Integration. Content on the web is meant to be shared. We make it easy for your readers to share your blog posts in their social networks by integrating social-media-sharing capabilities on your blog.

Contact Method. We create contact web forms and of course, emails. If a reader decides not to us the contact form, your email address is displayed on strategic areas of the website and the contact page in order to make it easy for your readers to make a connection with you. Readers should be able to reach you for questions, to make comments they’re hesitant to share publicly, to report issues with the site, to share tips and ideas for future blog posts, and to offer collaborative opportunities to you.